Create Enterprise Geodatabase ##data_dictionary dbtune keyword

04-16-2020 03:03 PM
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I am a database administrator responsible to setup enterprise geodatabases that store very large datasets (terabytes), the best practice is to separate tables and indexes to improve performance, this reduces database datafiles fragmentation and contention, thus database i/o improves which leads to better performance, also improves maintenance tasks such as rebuilding indexes and gather new statistics.

The sde repository tables also grow quite large in very large enterprise geodatabases. Hence, after I create the sde repository tables I have to manually move the sde repository indexes to a separate tablespace.

It would be nice if the GP Tool "Create Enterprise Geodatabase" had an optional input parameter for the sde dbtune file.

The dbtune file has the ##DATA_DICTIONARY configuration keyword that controls the sde repository tables storage options. Hence by filling the dbtune with the proper tablespaces and passing it to the GP tool the sde repository tables and indexes can be created under the proper tablespaces.

In a remote past, in older arcgis releases when the sde binary commands where still available the dbtune used to be one of the input parameters for the "sdesetup -o install..." command, since the sde binaries deprecation and introduction of the GP Tool the database administrator has to manually move the indexes to a separate tablespace.

Example script to move sde repository tables and indexes.