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Allow the Analyze Datasets tool to update all branch-versioned related system tables

04-24-2024 12:02 PM
Status: Open
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Allow the Analyze Datasets tool to update all branch-versioned related system tables

Our organization manages a set of features classes in our enterprise geodatabase that totals over 30 million features, and we are actively updating or adding thousands of new features every single day. Due to this large size, database optimization is a high priority for us, and we have created automated procedures to update indexes and statistics on all our layers and associated tables on a nightly basis to ensure that we are getting the best performance possible. We are relying on the Analyze Datasets geoprocessing tool to update the statistics for all the tables in our enterprise geodatabase, however, while reviewing the results in the database, we noticed that a number of the branch-versioned related system tables (including the sde_branch_tables_modified and sde_branches) are not updated by the Analyze Datasets tool. These tables are updated frequently, so not having them analyzed means that the optimizer doesn't have the information required to fully optimize queries, which then could cause the optimizer to make the wrong decision resulting in performance issues.

We are requesting that the Analyze Datasets tool be updated to include all tables related to branch versioning to ensure that the statistics on these tables can be updated using the same mechanism as the rest of the tables in the enterprise geodatabase.

This would allow us to ensure that all the necessary tables are being analyzed at the same time through the same tool and avoid manually or scripted back-end updates to the geodatabase that are currently required to update the handful of tables that are being missed by the Analyze Datasets tool.