Allow standard database replication with Branch Versioned data

02-02-2022 10:57 AM
Status: Open
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We have been using database replication with the older, traditional database versioning for many years now.  It provides a simple way to manage syncing data that might need to be disconnected from the original source -- pushing data out for external web app data access for instance.  We would like to implement Branch Versioning on our master editing database to take full advantage of feature service editing capabilities including version management and validation.  It seems that Branch Versioning DOES NOT support the typical replication of old.  It would be rather helpful to see this implemented.

The, not-desirable, workaround for this is to create a schema copy of a database, and use scripting to truncate/append data out to these external databases -- this is a bit of a data management problem. 


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Hi @MichaelSnook 

Are you looking for geo-database replication or standard database replication? It would be helpful for us to make sure we  are understanding what you are looking for.

Would you be able to contact me via PM? I have some more follow up questions about your workflows that I would like to ask you in order to get a better understanding of your constraints.