Allow Attachments to be seen with a table join

05-07-2014 06:14 AM
Status: Open
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Attchments are great- but if you need to join another table to your dataset, you are out of luck since the attachments are not available. I would like to be able to see my attachments regardless if i have a table joined to my dataset.

I agree, this would be very helpful.  

Almost nine years later and it looks like this is still a limitation. I'd love to be able to do this. I have authoritative geometry that I use for all kinds of maps, some of which have distinct attachment needs, and I don't necessarily want to affect the primary feature class, so passing attachments from a joined table back to the geometry's popup would be great.


This is a great post and idea! I am wondering if our latest blog might help address this idea? Check out the blog: A suite of sample geoprocessing tools for managing hyperlinks. These tools provide an alternative to working with attachments, and uses the same concept of storing all hyperlinks in a single table and referencing them by ObjectID (match table) and GlobalID values between the feature class and link table. We hope users find these sample tools to be helpful in meeting their needs. Please keep the ideas coming! We are doing our best to evaluate every idea our users submit as soon as we are able. 🙂


Related data has been hard to implement for years maybe decades. One of the most common uses for field GIS is inspections using related records.  Now, what about when you want to visualize this related data? Not elegant.  However - one of the easiest workarounds, though, is to create 'stacked data'. Stacked points, lines or polys. How? A regular old join.  Let's say it's a point dataset.  Join the related table to the point featureclass itself. Keep all records.  Voila. Now each inspection record has its own point.  You can display them in webmaps and apps, and filter or symbolize by date, create dashboards, or any use other attributes in the related inspection table to visualize, query, etc. It now acts like a real layer.  


Now, many inspections use cases also use attachments. Today I went to see if my "stacked" joined data would show photos and quickly ran into this. I hoped this would work by now.  I guess long and short is... attachments still don't work in joins?  That'd be popular, to implement this idea.  Pause AI/AR/VR/MVC/DigitalTwin, implement relates and joins thoroughly, and other nuts and bolts Ideas, and improve UX in the new stack (Pro, Exp Builder, New Map Viewer) Count the number of clicks in old workflows vs new, or measure the time it takes users to figure out where tools are in new stack vs old, perhaps at the Esri Labs testing room at UC.  

I've used hyperlinks before. Interesting idea but I can't see the use case for field data collection. Users use the 'take photo' button in Field Maps. Folks need something that "just works".