Add Replica Tracking to Describe properties

a week ago
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I am preparing branch versioned data in an enterprise geodatabase for publishing to Enterprise Portal. One of the requirements for our scenario is Enable Replica Tracking. We have a Parcel Fabric dataset and some stand alone related tables and are automating this through python. I would like some way to tell if Replica Trackinghas been enabled. As I go through each of the stand alone (related) tables, if Replica Tracking has already been enabled, I get the following error when I try to run it again on the geodatabase table:
arcgisscripting.ExecuteError: ERROR 002990: Replica tracking is not supported.
Failed to execute (EnableReplicaTracking).

When I go into Pro and look at that table, it already has the box checked for Replica Tracking. 
So first, I think this error message is misleading and could be improved. 
But most importantly, I would like a way to check if Replica Tracking has been enabled, much like arcpy.Describe has a property for enableEditorTracking.

Please add a Boolean enableReplicaTracking to the Describe properties!