A tool for the detection of invalidly linked features in networks

09-14-2011 09:44 AM
Status: Open
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Many types of networks have specifications on the way their features should ,or should not, be linked.
An example of these networks is the model of network that the Hierachical Algorithm in Network Analyst
needs in order to funcion properly.
While building such a network many errors can occur that lead to problematique situatiuons. In my point of view
a tool that detects these errors is necessary as a part of the production process during network validation.
This was the motivation for writing a paper about the methods and algorithms that can detect this kinds of errors
it can be viewed in :
Most of the algorithms presented can be implemented  in Modelbuilder and I think a convinient way of
embending them to ArcGIS would be a tool with similar interface as the Topology tools.

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In case anyone is looking at this post all these years later, here is a tool you can use in ArcGIS Pro to identify areas of your network dataset that are topologically disconnected from one another:


It is not as comprehensive as the Idea posted here, and we hope to improve offerings in this area one day.