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Data Management Labels

11-11-2020 07:29 PM

Data Management Labels

Data Management idea submissions require a single label; that is, an idea cannot be submitted without a label or with more than one label. Use this table to help find the label that best aligns with the idea you're submitting. Do your best to label your idea correctly and as Ideas Managers review ideas, they will update the label if necessary.

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Versioned Archiving, Non-versioned Archiving



Data Design

Fields, Domains, Subtypes, Contingent Values, Attribute Rules, UML, Data Modeling, Diagrams, Models, Templates

Data Formats

File-based data (csv, txt, Microsoft Excel, SQLite, GeoPackage)

Data Organization

Data structure, Data architecture

Data Transfer

XML Import/Export, Load Data, Copy & Paste, Data Migration

Database Access

OLEDB (ODBC), Database Connections


See Enterprise geodatabase management for a list of geodatabases supported in the RDBMS, DBMS data types supported in ArcGIS for a list of supported data types per database management system, and Cloud data warehouses data types supported in ArcGIS for more information.

Dataset types Tables, Feature Classes, Feature Datasets

Editor Tracking


Filtering - Relating Data 

Joins, Relates, Relationship Classes, Views, Query Layers, SQL Queries


All geodatabase types (Personal, File, Mobile, and Enterprise)

Geodatabase Administration

Create/Upgrade, Indexes, Privileges, Geometry Types, Register with Geodatabase, Configuration Keywords

Geodatabase Replication

Data Distribution, Using Web Layer Data Offline

Linear Referencing

Routes, Events, Dynamic Segmentation, Measures


Connectivity, Topology Validation


Branch, Traditional, Traditional Versioning with move edits to base, and Non-Versioned editing


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