converting a gdb to another coordinate system

03-05-2015 09:34 AM
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I received a gdb of a water system. The system is in meters. I have an engineer that is going to need to work read the data in another piece of software. That software works in feet. Is there a way for me to convert this data to feet? I know I can display it in feet in arcmap, but as far as another software using it, I'm just not sure.

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Hi Mike,

You can reproject the data to a coordinate system that uses feet for the units.  To reproject, use the Project tool in toolbox.

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Thanks Jake....can i do the entire map or do I do it one feature class at a time? Thanks again.

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You can do your entire map fairly painlessly using the Project tool in batch processing mode. This will open a batch processing grid into which you can drag and drop the desired layers from the table of contents.

edit: apparently this functionality is so popular that there is a Batch Project script tool packaged with ArcGIS (at least at 10.1).

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Weirdly enough, the batch mode of the Project Tool is more stable (or at least was more stable last I heard) than the Batch Project Tool.