Storymaps LIVE! Features Voices of Grand Canyon

06-12-2020 11:10 AM

Storymaps LIVE! Features Voices of Grand Canyon

Conservation is another example of work that unites many different cultures in a common passion.

The Grand Canyon Trust has been working on a storymap presenting firsthand stories from the "people whose cultures, worldviews, and livelihoods are inextricably tied to the Grand Canyon region".   On July 17 Storymaps LIVE featured storytellers will be Stephanie SmithEllen Heyn  and  Sarana Riggs from the Trust, sharing their approaches and methods for their great work on a new storymap "The Voices of the Grand Canyon".   (Stephanie is an award-winning map author, taking second place with her 2016 "Keep the Canyon Grand" storymap).     Storymaps LIVE is also your chance to learn about the latest Storymaps enhancements and ask questions live to the Esri Storymaps team.     Register Here

Overview article from Katherine Locke about the Grand Canyon "Intertribal Centennial Conversations g...:

..."Riggs said during the park's centennial celebrations, there was a focus on John Wesley Powell, the Kolb Brothers and others who were important to the ‘discovery’ of the park for tourism, but there was not very much acknowledgement of the Native history of the Grand Canyon....“It goes beyond 11 tribes,” Riggs said. “Tribes from California, Nevada, Colorado, everybody has some sort of connection to this place". ..."

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