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Conserve and Restore Lands with

05-10-2024 10:32 AM
Esri Contributor
4 0 1,157, recently launched by the United States White House, is an information hub through ArcGIS, supporting locally-led efforts to conserve and restore our nation's lands, waters, and wildlife.




We are proud to support, which helps connect people with resources to conserve and restore U.S. lands, waters, and wildlife. In collaboration with Blue Raster and partners, this pivotal resource was developed using a user-friendly interface with ArcGIS technology to help visualize and effectively manage conservation data.


The new conservation hub offers resources that support locally-led conservation efforts across the United States. Leveraging geospatial technology to drive effective conservation efforts with support from communities is essential. The project showcases commitments to using GIS for positive conservation impacts, utilizing community knowledge and excitement for environmental stewardship.


This site makes it easier for many government agencies (federal, state, local) and communities to take advantage of conservation goals. Some of the exciting features include:


  • Custom JavaScript app/ interactive map showcasing a robust catalog of federal datasets and metrics
  • TWO Experience Builder apps for exploring federal conservation grant opportunities and local conservation assistance programs
  • ArcGIS StoryMap to view federal restoration investments across the country




Check the site out and let us know what you think >>

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