What is Esri Community?

08-24-2020 01:12 PM
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What is Esri Community?


What is Esri Community?

Esri Community is where community members, including ArcGIS users, customers, partners, Esri staff, and others in the GIS and professional geospatial community, connect, collaborate, and share experiences.


What is the mission of Esri Community?

The mission of Esri Community is to provide a central online destination where members can gather to exchange ideas, solve problems, accelerate success and build relationships to create a better world through the use of geospatial technology.

What's in it for me?

As a member of the Esri Community, you can:

  • Connect with and learn from other users of Esri products
  • Ask questions to get help and learn
  • Share knowledge, feedback, tips, and best practices
  • Collaborate with other GIS professionals to transform and customize geographic technology


In the community, you'll find:

  • Questions and answers about Esri products and the GIS industry
  • Resources and updates on Esri products and services
  • Opportunities to be heard, get involved, and collaboratively build an Esri knowledge base

For the best experience, we recommend you create your account and set up your profile. Register to become a member to receive weekly updates on community activity and to start or engage with discussions. Registration to the community is free.


What is my role and responsibility in the community?

You are essential to the community, even if all you ever do is read messages or articles that someone else has posted. We encourage you to visit often and participate. Ask your toughest questions. Chances are someone has a solution or can point you in the right direction. If you find a solution that works, let others know by passing on your tips and insights. You might have the answer someone else needs.


Remember to thank community members who have helped you. Show your appreciation by giving kudos to helpful posts, accepting a solution that answers your question, or posting "thank you" replies.


We want the community to be appropriate, friendly, informative, and fun for everyone. Be sure to read the Community Terms of Use and Community Guidelines so that you know what to expect and what is expected of you when you're here. 


Media Guidelines and Logo Usage

See the attached file for Esri Community Brand Guidelines.

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FYI:  A link to the suggested reading, Community Terms of Use and Guiding Principles, would be nice.

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