Place and Group FAQ

11-15-2020 11:47 AM
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Place and Group FAQ

Places and Groups Facts 

  • Places and Groups are created by the Community team.
  • Any community member can request a new place or group through the new community place/group request process.  How to create or change a community place
  • Places and Groups consist of Interaction Style Boards (Board options: Question, Blog, Document, Videos, Event, Ideas).
  • Each board can have its own set of pre-defined Labels. Labels are useful for searching, filtering and subscribing at a more granular level.

Difference between Places and Groups: 

Places –Primary use cases are for Esri products, industries, services or programs, or Esri sponsored initiatives. Places will have at least two associated Place Managers for monitoring and oversight.

Groups – Primary use cases are to bring smaller groups of people together to collaborate on a specific goal, special interest or specific topic. Groups can be setup as open, closed or hidden. Groups will have a specified Group Owner(s) assigned. Groups require membership, specifically closed and hidden are member only.

Group Types:
• Open: Visible, open to anyone in the Community.
• Closed: Publicly searchable but requires a request or an invitation to join and view boards and posts.
• Hidden: Invisible to the public and accessible by invite only.


Place and Group Structure is mostly flat. Groups will primarily be organized under: User Groups and all places will be organized under one of the Top-Level Communities:

• Products
• Industries
• Developers
• Worldwide
• Services
• Learning
• ArcGIS Topics
• Events


additional documentation: 

Community Place Managers Guide 

Community Group Owners Guide 

*The attached document outlining changes to places and groups in the new community as compared to the community prior to Nov. 2020. Place and Group FAQ

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