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How to use Kudos

09-01-2020 12:29 AM
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How to use Kudos

Kudos is a content rating system that lets you vote for the posts you think are the most useful or important.

When you give Kudos to a post, you give a thumbs-up for good content and a pat on the back to its author. Your Kudos helps to boost the value of certain posts and enhance the reputation of their authors.


Giving Kudos is as easy as a single click, but the impact of Kudos ripples across the community. You can give Kudos to any posts in the community except your own.

To give kudos to a post and its author, click Kudos on the post.

If you change your mind about the quality of the post, you can revoke your Kudos.

To revoke the kudos you've given, click the Kudos button again.


To see who has given your post a Kudos:

  1. Go to your post.
  2. Click the Kudos count.
    The Who Kudoed this Message page shows you all the community members who've given Kudos to the post.
  3. Click the Date Kudoed, User ID, or Kudos link to sort this page by the date the Kudos were given, the name of the member who gave Kudos, or by the Kudos count.

(note: we do not use the Experts classification for our community, so this will be blank)

Your Profile page shows the names of community members who have given you Kudos, the post they Kudoed, your top Kudoed posts, and the Kudos you've given.

To see who's given you Kudos:

  1. Go to My Profile
  2. To see all of your recent kudos activity in an area, click view all.
  3. Click the tabs to see more info about your Kudos activity.
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