How to move a post

09-25-2020 07:31 AM
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How to move a post

Advanced Community members are granted the permissions to move posts in the community. This feature is helpful if a post is mistakenly created in the wrong place and would be better suited elsewhere for more visibility.


Who can Move a post

Esri staff*, distributors*, place managers, ideas managers, moderators, and advanced members (MVPs)

*Esri staff and distributors can only move posts they created. 

To Move a post


Find the Post Options drop down

Select Move Post (may say Move Message)

  • Choose whether to leave a placeholder in the original place ( this will leave a url link to the new location)
  • Choose whether to notify subscribers
  • Select the new Destination from the picklist
  • Choose the people to notify of the move
  • Click the Move Post button

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