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How to manage images and my photo gallery

08-30-2020 05:07 AM
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How to manage images and my photo gallery

Your profile features a personal image gallery that hosts the photos you use for your avatar, profile, posts, comments, and replies.


  • To manage My Photos, go to My Profile > Upload An Image


My Photos has two Albums created by default: Hidden and Public.


The Hidden Album is for private images that you do not want to display publicly on your profile. Images that you send in private messages are saved in the Hidden Album by default and are not viewable on your profile by the rest of the community unless you insert the private image in post, comment, reply.


The Public Album is for public images that you want to display on your profile. This is the default album for images that you insert in posts, comments, or replies in the community. Community members can view your Public Album from your profile pages and comment on your images.


You can upload images to your image gallery albums before you add them to messages or other posts.


How to upload an image to the My Photos section


  1. Go to My Profile > Click Upload An Image from your profile page.


  1. Click Add Images, then Choose Files to upload an image. You can upload standard images types: *.png, *.jpg, *.jpeg, *.gif, *.svg, *.ico, *.bmp, *.webp.
  2. Click Select an Album under the image preview. From the Existing Albums drop-down, choose Public. Click Save.


The image will appear in the My Photos section of your profile.


To change the privacy setting for an image:

  1. Click the image from your album to go to the image page.
  2. Click Image Options > Move Image.
  3. Choose an album and click Move. To make an image private, move it to the Hidden. To make a private image public, move it to a Public Album.


How to delete an image from your photo album

  1. Click Upload An Image from your profile page
  2. Click All Images and hover your mouse over the image you want to delete. Select the X.
  3. Select Yes to delete the image from your photo gallery.

Note: If you delete an image from your Albums that you used in a post, reply, or comment in the community, it will break the link of the image. An image icon displays in place of your deleted image.  

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