How to find your own content

08-23-2021 11:19 AM
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How to find your own content

Find your blogs, ideas, questions, and posts in one of these three ways:




Your Profile Page

Go to your profile page by clicking your Avatar in the top navigation bar for the drop-down menu.

Click My profile.

Once you land on your profile page, you’ll see a new section for your ArcGIS Ideas activity and community contributions of posts, questions, replies, and comments.

My Ideas


My Ideas is where you’ll find a summary of your ArcGIS Idea submissions and activity for ArcGIS Idea submissions you participated in by voting or commenting on the idea.

Under the section for Latest Contributions, you’ll find your questions, posts, comments, and replies. Use the drop-down menu to filter your content.



Participated In – Content you’ve commented on, replied to, or gave a Kudos to.

Contributions – Content you created including questions, posts, or blogs.




Custom Search URL

You can use your User ID in a custom URL for your content.

To get your User ID, click on My Profile from your Avatar and from the Profile page URL take the number from the end of the URL after the last "/" (forward-slash):

Example: [Your-User-ID]

Search and filter by your User ID for post types using the following URLs:

To search your ArcGIS Ideas you can use the following URL by adding your User ID: [Your-User-ID]/interaction-style/idea

All of your contributions:  [Your-User-ID]

Questions:  [Your-User-ID] /interaction-style/forum

Blogs:  [Your-User-ID] /interaction-style/blog

Docs:  [Your-User-ID] /interaction-style/tkb


Use a Filtered Search

Go to the Search Page

Select the Author filter and enter your username. From there you will see a collection of your content.

Narrow your search results:

  • From the Search Bar, you can filter for keywords in your content while the Author filter for your username is applied.
  • Apply additional filters for Place, Labels, Date, Status, Type of Post, and whether the post contains an image, video, or attachment.
  • Use Advanced to organize your results.
  • Sort the results by Date, Views, Kudos, Replies, or Best Match. Best Match is the default setting.

Tip: A search term is not required to filter content on the Search Page, you can filter first and then search a term or keyword from filtered results. 

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Contributions – Content you created including questions, posts, or blogs.

@Anonymous User ;  I just want to find the posts I have started, not all the ones I've participated in.  Am I missing something here? When I select contributions I get everything I've ever been involved with.


Anonymous User

Hi @JoeBorgione, Sorry for the delayed response! This Filtered Search method might be your best method for narrowing down your originally authored posts. 

The results will show your authorship more clearly:


The ones you've responded to that are coming through the results will have a different author (by Another Username), but you'll see results for where you responded to someone else's post like this: 




When I copy and paste that url I get a couple pages of my stuff and then a bunch more pages of other authors.




Anonymous User

@JoeBorgione, Correct, that's what I'm explaining above. You'll see your authored posts more clearly with the "by JoeBorgione" next to your nifty MVP icon. It should make it easier to skim results to the posts you've started.

The other posts by other authors are posts you've responded to. 

Another way to view results is to add an Advanced filter of "Specific Posts". (Click that search filter to see the results). 


If it starts with Re: it's something you replied to, not something you started.

For example, ArcGIS Server 10.7.1... is a topic you started. Re: Joining tables is a post you replied to. 




Just my $00.02; while I like the 'new' forum in general, the search capabilities are less than ideal.  'Course that's just my opinion, I could be wrong...

So far, its helpful for me but I don't have hundreds of posts. Time will tell. Thanks for your always timely response Leslie. 


And I don't  have nearly as many as some...

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