How to create a document

09-22-2020 11:57 PM
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How to create a document

A document is content that you write directly in the community and use to collaborate with multiple people. The document content type is designed to be a collaborative document by nature. This means when you create a document, other members with permissions will have access to edit your document unless you choose the option to restrict contributors before publishing. If a member does not have permissions, they will not see a button for editing. Members with permissions to edit documents are typically Place Managers or Group Owners.


Examples of collaborative documents are when you need to create several versions to share and track meeting notes or create how-to guides, policy outlines, workflows, training materials, and step-by-step how-to's.


Do not use Documents to share news, events updates, start open discussions, or stand-alone questions. Consider using a blog or post for those needs.


Create A Document


In your place or group, go to your Documents board.


From your Documents board, select Create an article.


Enter the title of the document in the Article Subject Line and your content in the Body of the post. 


Choose your option for Email me when someone replies. This option is selected by default. Uncheck the box if you do not want to receive an email.


Choose your Labels and enter applicable Tags.


If you do not want community members to add additional tags to your document, select the checkbox for Do not allow anyone to tag this article.


If you do not want community members to give a Kudos to your document, select the checkbox for Do not allow anyone to give kudos to this article.


Click Publish.


From the published document post, click the Options menu. In the Options menu, you can make additional publishing, interaction, and editing choices.


Select Edit Article to edit your document. Published versions of your document can be viewed by View article history.


  • Some members have roles with permissions that permit them to edit others' documents. When a member does this, they will be listed as a Contributor in the document. 
  • If you are making an edit, you can add a Revision note, and Request a review from a contributor. Revision notes are viewable by all members.
  • If you request a review from a contributor, the document will show that it is waiting for Review in the article history. The document cannot be viewed by the community while it is under review.


Select Delete Article to delete the document. This action cannot be undone.


Select Restrict Edits to limit document editing to only roles with permissions. Your Place or Group leadership team will have permissions to edit the document by default.

Members who do not have permissions to edit the document will not see an edit option.


Select Block Edits to blocks roles with permission from making edits to the document.


Select Block New Comments to prevent comments from being added to the document.


Locate a Drafted Document


From the document board, click options and select Knowledge Base Article Dashboard. Once selected, you'll see the listed drafts which includes the Title, Status, Version, Contributors and Revised. If you'd like to view a draft, select the line item and from there, you can choose to edit and/or publish.

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