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How to change bands rasterin multispectral image

03-18-2023 11:31 PM
New Contributor

Hello! I have a question. I have multispectral image with 4 bands, red Green blue and NIR. I need to create raster from this image, with RED,blue and NIR band.


Please anyone know how to do that? Thank you

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Esri Community Manager

Thanks for bringing your question to Esri Community, @DávidZigo.

Because this area is used for members to provide our team with feedback about our online community, I'd like to help get your post moved over to one of our conversation boards where it's more likely to be seen and responded to by members who can help. Which ArcGIS product are you using?

Please do also feel encouraged to share a new post in our Member Introductions board to tell us a bit about yourself. Our team and your GIS peers around the globe would love to learn more about you!

Jesse Cloutier
Community Manager, Engagement & Content
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