Could the 'More Ideas' button be improved?

05-16-2023 09:49 AM
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On someone's profile under My Ideas, it shows up to 6 ideas. There is also a 'more ideas' button, but this doesn't work as I'd expect -- instead of showing you more of their ideas, it just shows all of that person's comments on any kind of idea post, including ones that aren't theirs and many duplicates for each individual comment. Sometimes I like the way someone thinks and want to see what ideas they've come up with so I can upvote, and this makes that pretty difficult.

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Oh my god, yes, please.

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Thanks for the feature request, @wayfaringrob and @JohannesLindner. I'm looping our Community Operations Manager @SimiBasu into this conversation so that she can review what you're describing as we continually evaluate what's both possible and useful while working to make Esri Community work best for our members. 

Jesse Cloutier
Community Manager, Engagement & Content
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Thank you @wayfaringrob @JohannesLindner @JesseCloutier  Just an update: I am working with our development team to analyze this customization and will get back to you with the possible next steps. Thanks.

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