Our Thanks to Esri Community MVPs

01-05-2023 11:24 AM
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To our MVP members,

One of the first things we want to do in this new year is recognize you and the substantial difference you make here in Esri Community. You inspire more appreciation than can be fully expressed.

Some people find their way to this platform during pursuit of a promising career in GIS; seeking the guidance of others while learning the ropes. Others follow the path of altruism to GIS and Esri Community because they want to spend their lives doing work that makes a better world. There are even the folks who couldn’t have ended up anywhere else because their passion for GIS wakes them up in the morning—it’s inseparable from their identity.

They’re just a few flavors of people who rely on this remarkable space that you help build and grow.

Your knowledge, time, and inspiration … they permeate all corners of this platform. Every day, people who you’ll never meet discover a solution you’ve authored or an idea you’ve put out there, and it opens a door they simply couldn’t get through on their own.

For all those countless sighs of relief and whispers of thanks that belong to you but were never heard, we want to again say thank you for everything you do.

With gratitude,

The Esri Community Team


The Esri Community MVPs—

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