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Store Catchment Boundary extraction

02-25-2020 03:39 AM
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New Contributor II

Hi Community,


I have extracted 100+ shapefiles of catchments (polygons) with Primary attribute varying from 0% and upwards.


I want to extract boundary for each polygon with Primary attribute aggregate equaling at least 75%. 


Any suggestions on how to do it for 100+ locations please.


Note - I'm aware of manual extraction process. And, as of now I do not have any Network analyst extension.




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Esri Contributor

Hello, I'm not sure I understand the question but I'll do my best. Are you essentially wanting to just extract polygons within 100+ shapefiles that have an attribute value greater than 75?.

Assuming the shapefiles all have the same schema, you could use the Merge tool to combine all of the files into a single feature class. Then you could run the Feature Class to Feature Class tool, setting up the Expression parameter to just copy features that match the criteria you want to use. Would this work for your scenario?

New Contributor II

Hi Dennis,

Forgive the lack of clarity. Let me put it this way. I have a catchment (or a polygon) made up of several smaller polygons. It is classified based on an attribute (lets say sales) from 0% to max, where the aggregate of the attribute values for different record equals to 100%. 

Now I want to extract the catchment (boundary), such that the internal polygons having sales of max to min are selected and their aggregate equals to 75-80%. [This is just a condition]. This will give me a prominent catchment boundary instead of vast one. 

I can do it manually by going to attribute table and select the attribute (lets say sales) of records equaling to 75-80%. But I want to automate this as I have to do it for 100+ shape files.

Thank you for the time and consideration.

NOTE - Each shapefile needs to be done individually, cannot merge it.