How do I share a story map with proprietary information?

03-29-2018 12:13 PM
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Working in commercial real estate with a hard focus on retail, I have a number of clients whose projects contain proprietary information. How do I share a story map with my client (who may or may not be an Esri customer) without broadcasting their future plans to the world?

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cross1‌ - the best option would be to have your clients get access to ArcGIS Online directly, or your organization provide them with a Level 1 User license - this is a view-only user for ArcGIS Online, so they could view, but not edit, Story Maps. I've seen other users in real estate acquire these Level 1 licenses themselves and then pass on the cost ($100/user) as part of the consulting engagement.

Let me know if you'd like to talk more - my direct number is (909) 255-4201.

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Unfortunately, we have too many clients to make this feasible. We don't work as consultants with a regular fee schedule; it's all commission. We only get paid when deals get done: landlords pay us when our clients sign leases; and/or owners pay us when our client purchases a property.

I'll keep looking for a workaround. Thanks.