Feature request. RenameItem Endpoint

08-30-2011 07:28 AM
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In our workflow, we have a three step similar to the BAO to generate a report. 
1) Locate Address
2) Draw a tradearea (drivetime, ring or donut)
3) Generate the Report.

It is possible that the user does not enter the SiteName initially but then would want to change it later.

To accomplish this we are currently deleting the existing item and then creating a new Item when the user changes the sitename.

Is it possible to change the sitename/itemname using a different approach or else can you provide RenameItem similar to the RenameProject and RenameWorkspace that is already available.
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Hi Prashanth,

Unfortunately, right now, we don't have a RenameItem method. The approach to use now is similar to what you are doing now. You will have to delete the current item using DeleteItem now. You can then add new folder items using UploadFeatureSetTask or through setting the outputAnalysisItem parameter for the actual task to the folder item with the new (renamed) item name. Sorry that this is the only way to do it right now.

That is a good suggestion. If you can, I suggest that you submit any enhancement requests you think might be useful to the Esri Ideas site at http://ideas.arcgis.com/. Our team then tracks these requests and then decide whether we should include the suggestion in a future release. Any ideas are definitely welcome!

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