ArcGIS and AWS

11-28-2019 02:15 PM
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I have a potential project working with several large data files; mainly raster DEMs. I'm doing some fairly simple analyses (e.g. extracting values to points etc.) but running them over my PC will take quite a bit of time. I'm curious if running the analyses through an AWS can speed up the processes? Anyone have any experience or suggestions on the subject? arcgis server aws# #aws ec2

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This question is a few months old but I wanted to respond anyway, as we've been looking at the same thing.  There are now some places in the ArcGIS Pro documentation where recommendations for different cloud providers are listed.  See Cloud virtualization—ArcGIS Pro | Documentation and pages that are linked there.

Also, be sure to look at posts about ArcGIS Pro on the Esri blog - there was a new one this month about instance types in Azure ArcGIS Pro on the Azure NVv4-series 

And, as usual, it might take some testing to determine which instance type is best for the work your're doing.


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