Trial account - Making a Portfolio with Classic StoryMaps?

10-05-2021 09:02 PM
by Anonymous User
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Hello, I just started the 21 day free trial account.

I want to build a portfolio of the lessons I complete, but my understanding is that the free trial account will be deleted at the end of the 21 days.


What types of accounts do you need to access Classic StoryMaps permanently?

Do you recommend Classic StoryMaps for hosting a portfolio?


Thank you!


- Tee

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@Anonymous User - I wouldn't recommend using Classic StoryMaps for any new projects since they are now in Extended Support. That means they are no longer being maintained with the same resources as Esri's current offerings. I'd recommend using ArcGIS StoryMaps or another current ArcGIS app.

As far as account types, we can refer to your other thread for more on that question. Trial account - Making a Portfolio with ArcGIS Sto... - Esri Community

Owen Evans
Lead Product Engineer | StoryMaps
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That makes sense. Thank you, Owen.

I'm having a very difficult time with the ArcGIS 21 day trial in many ways.... :(

The first time I sign up things are working, but then when I try to log back into the community esri says I don't have access. I've created 2 accounts now at this point in order to be able to reply. One account is under my .edu email and the other account is under my personal gmail. That's why my username is different. We'll see after tonight if I am able to get back into the community again in the future....

Thank you again for your help! : )

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