Is it possible to use an excisting storymap as a template?

05-27-2019 05:53 AM
New Contributor

For the 75th anniversary of the Netherlands being liberated from WOII, I wanted to make a storymap which shows people what happened in the Netherlands during the war. My main idea was to be able to choose a date and, after selecting a date, the events that happened during that day would show up on the map and a sidepanel would show the information of the event (think about text, photo's, video's etc.)  

So my goal is to make a Storymap with a timeslider that would show, while the time passes, more and more point features on the map with images and information of that location. I looked in the Story Maps Gallery from Esri to get some inspiration on how I would want my StoryMap to work/ look and after searching for a while I had found the following StoryMap; .

This is exactly what I had in mind and I would love to make a similar StoryMap. The thing is; I see it has been made in leaflet and I'm terrible at coding and I don't have the time to learn how to make it scratch. I saw that this StoryMap was made by the Esri Story Maps Team and I wondered: Is it possible to get a template from this storymap or save a local version of it on my own account so I could edit it?

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