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Immersive map not interactive on mobile? (in Classic Cascade)

04-12-2021 10:16 AM
New Contributor

Hey there! Stoymap newbie here.

I'm having trouble getting pop-ups to function on mobile for a map created as an immersive section in Classic Cascade.

The map's pop-ups function on desktop. But on mobile, the map is a static image.

I have "Interaction enabled" in the builder. 

I tried loading the map into the new ArcGIS Storymaps, and the same map file DOES WORK on mobile, with interactive pop-ups.

The map was built in Google Earth, not ArcGIS. 

  1. Can maps have interactive pop-ups on mobile in the Classic Storymap Cascade App?
  2. If I rebuild the map in ArcGIS (instead of Google Earth), would it be interactive on mobile in the Classic Storymap Cascade App? (Or, should I switch to the new ArcGIS Storymaps instead of the Classic Cascade to get map interactivity on mobile?)

Screencaps attached and view map here.

Thanks so much for any advice!

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