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How are my logos always pixilated in storymaps?

07-02-2020 02:33 PM
by Anonymous User
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Is anyone able to help with a pixilatin issue I am having with story boards? I have a logo that is 300 DPI and when I upload it it is always pixilated no matter what I try. I have tried making the image bigger, smaller, uploading a jpeg and png, nothing seems to change. Below is the logo I am inserting to the banner and the clip under it is the outcome when inserted. 

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Hey Tattenbach, Tabitha‌,

Can you post a link to the storymap here if it is public so that I can take a quick look?

Shane Miles‌ have you come across this one before?



Esri Contributor

Hi Tattenbach, Tabitha‌, 

It could be running a  compression that occurs when you upload the image.  See Owen Evans comment on Cascade Story Map: recommended image size. Have you tried changing the resolution to a lower DPI for the logo? I have had results with this in exporting maps with images in them. 

Cheers Ben Turrell


by Anonymous User
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Hi Ben,

Here is the link:

I have not saved it with the new logo yet because it is really pixilated. On its own it has no pixilation issues but when I upload it to the banner it is very pixilated. I’ve tried 300DPI all the way down to 50 DPI and its still pixilated either way.

Do you have anything you can suggest?

Tabitha Tattenbach

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