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Creating footnotes and superscripts for citations in storymaps

01-19-2021 09:12 AM
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I'm looking to create in-text superscript citations to then reference in a footer at the end of my storymap. In the footer, these will link to external URLs. Embedding the links is not a problem, but I can't figure out how to format superscript text into my storymap narrative.

I found an example of exactly what I want to accomplish online, created by an ESRI storymap expert:

But I see no guidance as to how to create superscripts in your own storymap. What am I missing?


Many thanks,


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Hi Sam (and anyone else stumbling on this question),

I'm not sure how this differs from copying and pasting a superscript character from Word, but l have successfully added them to a StoryMap using .  If you have found a better solution, I'd be interested to hear.

Hope this helps,

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I will add that I have not tested switching themes/typefaces after adding new superscript characters this way, so they may or may not persist.  Probably will want to test or have @OwenGeo weigh in before incorporating too many in case they are not supported by some Google Fonts?

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