Cascade Story Map - Maps won't show after publishing

04-02-2020 02:25 AM
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Hello, i've been building a cascade story map with images and interactive maps. I created the maps by using the express map tool.

I've published the story both ways, private and public. But each time the maps won't load. There's just a grey field, no changes after reloading, using different browser or laptops.

Did this happen to somebody else before? Any suggestions or ideas? Thanks a lot.

- Josie

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It may not pertain to your situation, but when this happens to me, clearing cookies and then reloading the page works.  Safari and Chrome, working on a Mac desktop. 

 I found that express maps in particular are very finicky in this way (load with a greyed out page). 

Try doing all of your desired changes and publish them,  Clear your cookies. Then reload. If I then do more changes, I have to repeat clearing cookies. 

hope this helps



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