Bring back the crowdsourcing story map!!

10-30-2018 07:46 AM
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I am disappointed to see the crowdsourcing story map in mature support. What does esri suggest using in place of this application?  My municipality was trying to publish an app for people to submit and view Halloween decor around the city.  We were hoping to do the same thing for Christmas decor.

After putting out a similar but clunkier version ourselves using 3 different templates packaged into one story map (that fell flat with users), we stumbled on the mature crowdsourcing story map and it suites our needs so much better.   Every thing works well on desktop, tablet and phones which was not the case on the product we created with a different storymap template.  

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Hi Jessica -- Thanks for letting us know about your interest in using this template. There is some more information about and some possible alternatives to Story Map Crowdsource mentioned in this blog.

Owen Evans
Lead Product Engineer | StoryMaps
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Thanks Owen, 

We did look into the alternatives in the blog and we use some of those tools in other, larger projects.

The ease of use of the Story Map Crowdsource is what is so attractive for us.  It is a little 1 month project that we cannot dedicate a ton of time to not knowing whether or not it will be a hit. (we are encouraging our citizens to post their holiday decor) Having one screen to both submit and see the results is key to participation.

The old Story Map Crowdsource allowed for a simple fast deployment with a nice packaged result.  

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Story Maps Crowdsource is perfect for emergency management in disasters...please bring it back.  Crowd Manager/Reporter is certainly not comparable.

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Yes please - perfect for small projects and workshops.