Week 8 of Civic Analytics with Hub

03-18-2021 04:27 PM
Esri Contributor

This week we look at ways to extract data from social media platforms like Twitter. Over the years, Twitter has proved to be a gold mine for learning about events happening in real time and the social reach and impact of those events. Most people tweet about their opinion or experience regarding an event by tagging and mentioning relevant twitter handles (accounts) or by using hashtags that categorize their tweet and helps users find content related to the hashtag or topic. This data can be used for research as well as to obtain civic and demographic insights. Accessing publicly available tweets for our city or local region helps invert our lens and understand the general public and what matters to them.

We will show you 5 different techniques of extracting and filtering data from Twitter, and to publish it ArcGIS making it usable within several compelling apps. Curious? Click here to learn more.

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