Where can I download .style files for ArcMap?

04-17-2020 09:40 AM
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Hello GeoNet community,

I am relatively new to ArcGIS, and had a question regarding styles for ArcMap. I am currently working on mapping out a nature preserve. This map will be intended for hikers and therefore I want it to be aesthetically pleasing. I am having trouble finding some sort of repository for ArcMap .style files. ESRI has a page where you can download newer, .stylx files, but no .style files. (I don't have ArcGIS Pro, so as far as I know, I can't use .stylx files). Is there a place I can find different .style styles, or do I need to simply create my own style in ArcMap, or use another program such as Adobe Illustrator or QGIS? Thanks for the help!

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Hi Jacob, 
Esri does not have a repository of ArcMap (*.style) files. Many organizations make theirs available on their sites though. A web search may unearth some for you. There are a number of styles installed with ArcMap that might make good starting points. Take a look at Conservation, Environmental, Forestry for starters. You can also create your own symbols using font glyphs. 


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I was hunting for this same thing and like you I was surprised that Esri doesn't guide users to finding symbology sets.  Here's as fat as I got so far: 

An Esri Style gallery: https://esri-styles.maps.arcgis.com/home/gallery.html

A GitHub resource:  https://github.com/Esri/solutions-symbology-data

Hope these are helpful.

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Did you ever find a style  (stylx) for campus features/park features - I have the some of the markers, but a good landscape and hardscape style would be appreciated.  I have looked in the ESRI Style gallery, nothing there worked.  You would think ESRI would have more choices.  I looked at the community map link and the layer file, not a solution for me.  Is it wrong to want an aesthetically nice map?  Without having to create all textures/colors for yourself? 

I actually found this that might be helpful to others https://www.esri.com/about/newsroom/arcwatch/stylish-landscapes/ 


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