My layout view page outline keeps disappearing

10-31-2017 07:07 AM
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My layout view page outline keeps disappearing and then I cannot export because it doesn't recognize the page size.  This happens on both of my machines for some map documents (which work fine for others.)

This is after setting the page size and turning the ruler on, etc.  the ruler numbers also disappear.  This was a problem in 10.4 so I upgraded to 10.5 and it is still a problem but only for some maps and apparently only for my two machines.  We were able to pull the map document into Pro and then it behaved but I don't yet use pro.

Is there a setting I am missing?

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Hi, Shawn. The problem might have to do with printer selection. Once my rulers were missing and the MXD wouldn't export. I noticed that ArcMap was trying to reference printer drivers I no longer had and as a consequence the paper settings were greyed out.

Un-select "Use Printer Paper Settings" in the Page and Print Setup menu. Set the MXD to the new printer in the Page and Print Setup dialog and set the paper size again, then check Use Printer Paper Settings. Rulers should return and you will be able to export. I don't think the ArcMap version was the culprit. . .hope this helps.,