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Webinar | Learn How You Can Use the Caribbean Geoportal

04-21-2021 04:22 PM
Esri Contributor


Learn How You Can Use The Caribbean Geoportal



The Caribbean GeoPortal is an open mapping community that provides data and insights across the Caribbean. Discover the data and tools that are readily available to all users as well as apps to help with key issues such as disaster response. This session, sponsored by GGIM Americas and CARIGEO, will help you learn how to leverage the GeoPortal in your work.

Join us in this session and get hands on learning experience as we walk you through how to sign up, help you learn how to use different tools in the platform, and become a part of the community.


Have questions? Keep your questions coming! Use the "Reply" area below to ask our presenters any questions you may have about this presentation or the Caribbean Geoportal. 


Additional Resources

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More information on CARIGEO and GGIM Americas


Download the presentation deck below:


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