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Caribbean GeoPortal Builds Local GIS Capacity and Inspires Collaboration

05-20-2022 01:29 PM
Esri Regular Contributor
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Organizations Look to Connect Technology, Authoritative Data, and People


The people of the Caribbean are all too familiar with environmental threats; volcanic eruptions, seasonal hurricanes and tropical storms, and earthquakes  to list a few. Governments and organizations are now turning to the Caribbean GeoPortal, a comprehensive, cloud-based platform that combines GIS technology with geospatial data to build local capacity. Their aim is to better support work across the region and to prepare for a more resilient and sustainable future, all while focused on advancing three main goals for the region:

  • Increasing organizations’ GIS capacity through training and education
  • Improving collaboration and information sharing among organizations
  • Providing organizations with the necessary GIS capabilities to support their work

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