What is my "host"?

08-20-2020 10:04 AM
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Up until now I have been using ArcMap Single Use, but I am switching to Concurrent Use in order to use my Spatial Analyst license (which I will need to work with raster datasets). My issue is that when setting the host, I am not sure what I should be setting as my host -- is it my IP address, administrator name, Esri username...? -- and when I try using the "Browse..." tool there are no options available, only an unclickable file named "Network". Where can I find my host name?


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If you are in the ArcGIS Administrator and want to change from Single Use license to Concurrent Use license, you must change the software option to one of the Concurrent Use licensing.  In addition, you must specify the license manager hostname to retrieve the Concurrent Use license.  This is the hostname or IP address of the machine where the ArcGIS License Manager was installed.  If its on the same machine, provide the hostname of your machine.  If you're not sure where that machine is, you may need to contact your administrator.

I'm not sure if this is what you mean by "host".  If not, can you provide a little more detail, where you're at in the software and what workflow you're following?

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Hi Gabriel McMurren‌,

Host is short for hostname, and in this case refers to the machine within your organisation running ArcGIS License Manager. The host can be specified a few different ways, but either fully qualified domain name (eg. machine.example.com) or IP address of the machine running ArcGIS License Manager will do.

If your organisation has not yet set up an ArcGIS License Manager, you can find the setup guide here: License manager installation and startup—License Manager Guide | Documentation 


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