Showing multiple BIM models in a Web Scene

02-12-2020 12:17 AM
Esri Contributor

Is there a way to show multiple full BIM models in a webscene at the same time? 

If I upload two SLPK models in the same scene it seems that the only the overview of the model will show if one of them are chosen. From this help page it seems to show the whole model if there is no overview defined, but I cant find the option to turn this of. 

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Esri Contributor

Hello Birk, 

Yes, you can have multiple BIM files on a Scene.  You just need to follow this workflow. 


  • Pro 2.5 or newer
  • Files are already georeference
  • Files need to have the same coordinate system


  1. Run BIM File to GDB GP tool 
    • Input all the BIM files you want* 
  2. Open Scene
  3. Run Make Building Layer GP tool 
    • Input the dataset created from step 1 
  4. Run Create Building Scene Layer Package (BSL package)
  5. Upload BSL package to AGOL

* The more files you use as an input the more resources your machine will need.

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