What is the best practice for attribute rules that trigger other attribute rules

02-28-2022 10:58 PM
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I was wondering what the best practice is for a calculation attribute rule that could potentially be triggered from another attribute rule.

An example case is, lets assume I am working with the Utility Network and I have a calculation rule on Insert for my StructureLine (e.g. Duct Bank), which automatically creates X StructureEdgeObject (e.g. Ducts) contained within it where X is a value provided through one of the Structure Edge attributes. At the same time I want to create Y StructureEdgeObject  (e.g. SubDucts) contained within each Duct essentially creating a hierarchy of:

Duct Bank -> Duct -> Sub Duct


Would it be better to have an attribute calculation rule on my StructureEdgeObject class which creates Y Sub Ducts every time a Duct is created (either from the StructureLine attribute rule or even when the user creates a duct manually and not through an attribute rule) ? Or is it better to create the Ducts and the Sub Ducts within the attribute calculation rule of the StructureLine class?

Are there any disadvantages doing it one way or the other?


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