Rule to fire when an attachment is added

01-26-2022 02:50 PM
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Hello Friends,

I am hoping to drive symbology based on how many attachments a feature may have. See this post for an example of what I am shooting for.  But because the Attachments() call is not supported in the symbology profile, I believe that a column must be added to the layer in which the count is stored. 

I was hoping that I could install an attribute rule to update that 'AttachCount' column when an attachment is added to a feature. The rule must be associated with the "__ATTACH" table, as the feature itself is not updated when an attachment is made.

And so... I am stumbling as I try to find the correct way to add a rule to the attachment table which will edit an attribute on the associated feature.

Any pointers would be really helpful.

Many thanks,


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