How to pass child record response from one child to the next, but to allow for edits?

01-17-2024 07:52 AM
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The attached workflow is what I'm trying to achieve. 

Right now I have it structured to pass the child-to-child and child-to-parent using the script below as a calculation constraint. 

var relatedRecords = OrderBy(
    FeatureSetByRelationshipName($feature, "Hydrant_Data_Maintenance_Records_Relationship"), "Last_Maintenance_Date DES");
var relatedInfo = "";
if (Count(relatedRecords) > 0) {
    var latestRecord = First(relatedRecords);
    var conditionUpperBarrel = latestRecord.Condition_Upper_Barrel;
    // Check if the conditionUpperBarrel is not null or empty before assigning
    if (conditionUpperBarrel != null && conditionUpperBarrel != "") {
        relatedInfo = conditionUpperBarrel;

return relatedInfo;

This works in terms of passing the records from one to another, however, because it is a calculation, it doesn't allow for updates/edits to the child responses to indicate the change in condition status in response to the maintenance work performed. Am I thinking about this wrong? Should the child-to-child record passing, that is then editable, not be done via a calculation constraint?


Thanks in advance for any assistance!







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