Converting Coordinates with Attribute Rules

09-22-2020 08:49 AM
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I am moving workflows over to ArcGIS Pro and some require the usage of attribute rules.  I like the functionality, but I am very new to arcade.  So, here is my latest challenge.  I have a point feature that has X and Y columns for coordinates of the point.  The feature is in North Dakota State Plane South, and if I use the code "return Geometry($feature).X" it will return the x coordinate in state plane feet.  I want to auto populate with longitude.  Suggestions?

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Hi Matthew Syvertson ,

As far as I know the conversion of coordinate systems is not yet supported in Arcade expressions. You will find some examples on GeoNet of translating Web Mercator Auxiliary Sphere to WGS 1984 and vice verse. Those examples use a formula to get an approximate result, but it will not yield very exact results. 

What would be better is to to use a scheduled task and use the Calculate Geometry function to be able to get the results in another coordinate system:

It would be nice to have support for projections between coordinate systems within Arcade (Attribute rules).

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