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Attribute Rule to calculate Property ID for Meter record

03-16-2023 11:23 PM
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I have a requirement to populate ElectricDevice (type Service Meter) record in Utility Network with the ID of the property it falls into. I thought I could use FeatureSetByName and Interects. However, FeatureSetByName ($map, <layer>) expects the layer to be in a same feature service. I cannot include property layer in the UN service. Is there any other way like FeatureSetByURL?





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Esri Frequent Contributor

If the class is in the same database, you can use $datastore instead of $map

  • featureSetCollection: FeatureSetCollection - The map or feature service containing one or more layers from which to create a FeatureSet. Typically, this value is the $map or $datastore global.

The other option is use a portal lookup to access another feature service


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If you use FeatureSetByname with $datastore and exclude the rule from application evaluation, the rule should work on the server as long as the container (assembly I assume?) is in the workspace which it should be in case of the UN.


if those are related with containment associations you can use FeatureSetByAssociation