Plans for ArcPad releases following the current 10.2.5 version?

08-12-2019 06:18 AM
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Hi, solved a 10.2.5 related problem for a client today. My knowledge in ArcPad is rather limited - is it planned for releases post the current 10.2.5? Know there are a number of thirdparties who use ArcPad (for example in controllers for survey instruments).


Pål Herman

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Yes. In fact we are wrapping up work on 10.2.6 at the moment. New releases are focused specifically on customer needs and discrete requirements or issues. If you have a issue or request please be sure to work with our Tech Support team to determine what is required. In fact, with ArcPads extensible design it might mean we can help you without needing a new release of the product.

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Thanks Marika Vertzonis‌ for reaching out. best Pål Herman

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