export feature class and related table in axf

09-03-2013 02:23 PM
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Greetings friends, I have a problem I have a 10.1 and I have installed arcgis ArcPad 10 one I have in a geodatabase feature class and a related table when I export to AXF format and open it in ArcPad studio I see the related table I need to create a form in ArcPad studio and see the fields of the feature class and related table to make the form as I can do this

sorry for my bad English
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ArcPad does do related tables though it is a round about way to get to them.  Double click your form for your feature class in ArcPad Studio (on the tree for your layer, it will be labeled <FORMS>), highlight the feature class in the "Forms" window, and the button "Related Tables" becomes active, select that button.  In the "Related Table Forms" select your related table and select the button "Forms".  From here you can build your form for your related table.

The other way to open the related table form is to expand your Layer tree, it will be under FORMS-EDITFORMS-TABLEFORM.  Double click TABLEFORM  and your related record form should open up.

Hope this is what you were looking for and it helps.

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