ArcPad Data Checkout & Checkin

10-06-2021 10:15 PM
New Contributor

Hi, I am new working with ArcPad 10.2 . I have few queries

1- Can I multiple checkout data for arcpad from same ArcMap MXD file & checkin?

2- Is it possible I prepared data (checkout) in offices desktop and checkin in my field laptop in same MXD file.

3- If check in failed, can I check out same area and checkin updated data?

4- I tried to multiple checkout data from same MXD file but some time it failed. I think may be the large data multiple checkout from same MXD is the reason?

5- In ArcMap checkout data information save in *.apo file? whats the role of *.apo file?

I have map and I have a map tiled area shape file to checkout same map in multiple tiles arcpad data & checkin. I am going to update the attribute information and I am not going using any DGPS. 

In my proces I select the features by tile extend and checkout data with tiled number and cope the data in field laptop to distribute tiles amoung surveyors and checkin updated data in field.

Please I want to know this process is workable or not? thanks


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