Tool OnKeyDown Problem

08-22-2014 01:32 PM
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Using Arcobjects, I created a custom create features tool that allows a user to switch between sketch and trace by pressing the control key.  I have set this as the default counstruction tool for all of my features.  So when the feature is selected this is the default tool.


This tool works, i can select the tool, start a sketch, press control, and switch between the different functions.  however, if i select the tool and the first think I do is hit control to switch between tools, the OnKeyDown is never reached.  It appears that the map is not the focus until it is clicked within?  I realized this when debugging, as I would switch between windows, and when you switch back to arcmap from another window, the map section is in focus and OnKeyDown works.  i also noticed that if my tool is not the default tool, and I click on it, it knows the map and I am able to use OnKeyDown right away.


My question is how can I get the Map itself to become focused so that OnKeyDown will work.  I need to be able to hit the control key before I start my sketch and I need my tool to be the default construction tool.

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