Template Property Events

09-25-2012 09:06 PM
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Hello Forum,

I'm looking for a way to capture a change to the Template Properties. Specifically I'm wanting to capture a change to a Coded Value Domain selection inside the Template Properties window. For example if a user changed the selection on a drop down (i.e. Coded Value Domains) to a different value I'd like to be immediately notified of the selection change and what the new selection is.

User opens the Template Properties and selects the drop down for STATE. It's a drop down because it is a Coded Value Domain. The user changes the STATE selection by choosing a new STATE, UTAH. I'd like to be made aware that the user has made a Template Properties change on a Coded Value Domain and that the new selection is UTAH. I've been able to capture Template Property changes using the OnTemplateModified event but only after clicking on the Apply button and even then it doesn't tell me what has changed.

Thanks for your input.
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