SDS Layer with Feature Service from ArcGIS Server in Engine C#

04-17-2013 04:47 PM
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Hi :cool:

I've developed an application in ArcGIS Engine in that works perfectly with anything local (gdb, shape, raster, dwg)
and now I'm trying to get it working with ArcGIS Server layers etc.

trying to consume a Feature Service with Editing/Query/Create/Delete enabled.... the map control accepts the layer, and displays the data.   "/SpatialDataServer/admin/services/Sandbox_TestLayer.FeatureServer/0"

however upon Query / add feature / edit, it seems the layer needs to be treated differently..
it edits and queries fine in ArcMap 10.1, so i'm just wondering how I need to cast the ILayer to be able to use it?

currently there's alot of conflicting information floating around, and I just need to know the right way to handle this.

I've looked into GISClient / MapServerLayer / AGSFeatureLayer ... but having trouble determining from the ILayer the "LayerType" i.e. if its from the server... / feature service layer.... any point in the right direction would be great.. as i'm new to this stuff..

I know its possible to consume it all through REST and geoJSON, but I'm assuming ESRI has a better way in ArcObjects to do this for me rather than me having to manually consume it all..

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anyone got any information on this?? will probably implement REST if no one has any other solutions ??
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ok seems like no one here is doing this ??

I've done a work around and implemented my own "Geodatabase Synchronisation" via a USB thumb drive master.
anyone else attempted that kindof thing ?? its quite easy using GUIDs, you just need to use your "own" GUID field
as the ESRI GlobalID fields are readonly. which is a fail at adding new feature with a "sync'd" GUID from another geodatabase.

this deprecates the need for a live sync to server solution for the moment, but it would be nice to know how do to the Feature Service stuff at some point.. ?? maybe it's coming with the Winforms SDK for 2012 VS. ?? I won't hold my breath
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