Saving Snapping Settings

01-30-2012 02:08 PM
New Contributor
I have successfully implemented classic snapping in an application.  I have not come across any way to save the IEngineSnapEnvironment.  Can this be saved to the map through the API?
Also, I have not found a way to pull the already configured Snapping settings from the map.  ArcGIS Desktop (10) saves the snapping info between close/restart, but when you create a new EngineEditor and cast it to an IEngineSnapEnvironment, the settings seem to be set to a default, not to what was set up in the Map in ArcGIS Desktop previously.  If I can read from/write to the same settings the ArcGIS Desktop uses, that would fix my saving issue.

My environment:
C# with .NET 3.5
ArcGIS Desktop 10.0
ArcGIS Engine 10.0
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